The Pear Tree
by Ironhand

The Pear Tree blossomed on April day
her bonnet colored like ocean spray

Her branches sway in gentle breeze
a carpet of emerald lay at her knee

Unkempt, untrimmed, in her bonnet spray
her limbs open as if to pray

I have kept all the feelings I have ever had
some good some happy, with sorrow some sad

I took a picture of how beautiful she looked
I found it the other day in a dusty old book

The last time I saw the tree it was old, with branches on the ground
and one was laying across the grave, of my favorite hound

I knew she was dieing she was worn and through
but I noticed a young sapling by the grave it grew

A bit re leaved that it was there, I did not plant another one
this is my favorite place on the farm, where I want to be when I am done

Next to my dog Valentine, my favorite hound
In the corner of our garden, on hollow ground