Artist Statement

Acrylic, oil, wood, ceramic, leather, stone and glass are a few mediums I use to create Native American art forms. I am consumed with capturing the infinite aspect of the human soul. Subjects for my life sized portraits speak to me from ages past. I study a personality for many weeks before beginning my interpretation on canvas. Acrylic allows me to put my impressions down quickly, while its short drying time keeps me focused. The results are moving…I invite you to journey with me and meet the likeness and spirit of people who could no longer exist in today’s world. Look deep into their eyes, and you too will learn of their gifts.

Artist Bio

The International Artist known as Ironhand was born William Roy Swick on June 30, 1948 in Pendelton, Oregon. His family soon after relocated to Vista, California. He is a third generation artist. Ironhands training began at the tender age of four. At the age of thirteen, he had his first piece displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts in San Diego, California.

Ironhand spent twenty-four years in the United States Army Special Forces Airborne (The Green Berets). He retired as a Sargent First Class. Through these years, he never abandoned his true passion and has taught art at universities, colleges, and art schools across the United States. He has also been the subject of several television documentaries.

His artwork embodies the spirit of his race and the love of what he does. Ironhand works in many medias, hot glass, clay, graphite, oils, watercolors, bronze, wood, stone, the computer, and many others. Today Ironhand’s inventory exceeds 5 million dollars. He is still creating beautiful art in all medias. His work is extremely diverse and very prolific. His graphic drawings are so distinctive that many have argued as to their authenticity as a drawing and not a photograph.

 Brett Stokes

Artist Bio

Brett Stokes is known as an enigma in art circles. He is a celebrated "leanin' tree" greeting card artist who has created his own line, "Wild, Wild West". The more pronounced imagery associated with Brett's paintings are not the cowboy art whimsically rendered for heartfelt greeting card sentiment. Brett is better known for a strong commitment to his inner vision, the environment, as well as vivid Native American imagery including bold portraiture, but not excluding sociopolitical commentary and a voice for the natural world.

The artist's family ancestry has Native American heritage from the plains of Oklahoma. "I believe when my great aunt told me as a child, as she told my father, that we were INDIAN that I am compelled to honor and respect the old ones who prayed for us, in a good way." The artist's focus on Native American imagery began as a child in California were the artist resides. This vision continues as conceptual paintings, monotypes and sculptures in his current body of work.

Brett's art is a reflection of his Cherokee Heritage. Including the interrelation of man, the natural world and all his relations, resulting in the blending of mixed blood with tribal purity. Brett has worked professionally for many years both commercially and as a fine artist including large scale murals. Many private and public gallery exhibitions are in the artist's past and many works have been widely collected nationally and internationally. In 1996 Brett was honored by Fallbrook, CA, Fallbrook Village Association "Artist of the Year" award. Brett Stokes has been represented by many fine galleries over his career in: Denver CO, Taos NM, Palm Desert CA, San Juan Capistrano CA, Sedona AZ and Fallbrook CA.