I Miss You
by Ironhand

The glass payne cold on my cheek
my breath fogs the window

Images of the forest
melt into the sound of rain on the leaves

I have visions of you at our special moments
drifting across time and space I come unannounced

I visit with you
do you feel me close when I am there?

Quiet thoughts of you
Sometimes I just watch to make sure you are safe

And times I touch your shoulder like a wisp of breeze
that you may know I am there

There are other times when I am alone
I send you songs on the wind from my flute

The music has no name
nor has it ever been played before

My eyes closed my heart open I send songs of love
of the bird on the tree limb or the deer staring at me from the forest

It is dark today
clouds filled with rain share with the forest life’s drink

The thunder rumbles across the great mountains
and through the forest

Traveling from one side to the other
as if to join me hurriedly on my travels

Silence now except for my breath fogging the cold glass of the window and the song of rain in the forest

My thoughts again return to you.                                 I miss you……………..