Freedom I Would Never Take From You
by Ironhand

The price of freedom is expensive. It takes courage to be free, to stand up and defend your freedom. Make choices for the direction you must take to gain and maintain your freedom. There is nothing more sacred than freedom. As a captive you cannot choose until you find the inner strength, make sacrifices, and take the direction you need. The price of freedom? It is according to what you leave behind, what you are willing to give up. I wish more people I knew would stand up for their freedom. They might get the chance to be themselves, or anything they want.

It takes courage to be free
Sacrifices are great
To conquer the inner pain
To decide to be free
Carry through the action
Decisions made
Stark naked you stand
New freedom
At shock in the void
A new beginning
Time not to sorrow
Take grasp and build
This time freedom
Do it right

* This writing is from somewhere in my distant past, it seems to me it was just before I gave up all I had for the freedom to be me. Was it worth it? I am free. But there are memories of what was left behind, captive in my heart……..