The Voyage
by Ironhand

I can see the light of dawn
the gray blue before the yellow sky
my sea is not calm
the morning breeze chills my soul from behind
my ship is nearly loaded for my final voyage
the light has not yet touched the face of my destination
my crew is being assembled
each for the talent of their task
the handle of the helm feels cold, smooth with wear
my eyes search the horizon to the east
the line between heaven and the sea
I see the last star fade in the twilight of the morning
thoughts and memories of what was linger in my soul
quiet mourning heart
I look toward the heavens scan the furled sail
it is nearly time as I await the morning tide
my destination? Unknown
but, I believe there is something beautiful about to happen before my sail
still, sad to leave all that was behind
memories are bitter sweet no matter how beautiful they are
they have become the past
they can only be touched now by the mind
the pain of realization saddens my soul
my last voyage into the unknown guided only by the sun and stars
now only a thread holds from the voyage my ship of fools
and the tide turns and the wind blows